What Exactly is Bad Credit?

What Exactly is Bad Credit?

You may have been told that you have bad credit. Maybe you were denied for a loan, an apartment rental, or new cell phone but don’t quite understand why. Chances are, it had something to do with your credit score. Having bad credit can follow you like a gloomy, gray shadow. The first step in bringing around the financial sunshine is understanding what you’re dealing with. Knowledge is definitely power, especially in Credit Repair.


Do you Have Bad Credit?

The best indicator to your credit standing is to look at your credit score. Your credit score is the most commonly used and arguably, honest reflection of your credit. Knowing your credit score can provide you with an instant glimpse into your ability to be approved for a loan, lower interest rates, smaller security deposits - or even the opportunity to own a home. It’s vital to know your score to see where you stand.

The score itself is considered “good” or “bad” depending on the situation it’s being used with. However, your credit is generally considered “bad” if it’s sitting at 620 or less. Most have a goal of getting their credit to an 800 score - which is tough, but definitely possible.

Once you know the score, the next step is to follow up with an understanding of what items are on your report, possibly weighing it down. If your score is  any place near or below 620, you have got to look into your report and know exactly what has happened. Even if your score is at 700, you may still have negative items on the report, bringing it down. Remember, knowledge is power!

All U.S. citizens have access to one free credit report pull each year. This can be accessed by visiting www.annualcreditreport.com. You can also hire a credit professional  to not only pull the report, but discuss the entire report with you and assist you with the needed steps to raise your score.

Can Bad Credit be Restored?

In short, yes! If you have poor credit, chances are you have options to make positive changes. Your report, score, and subsequently your life will feel the affects of these changes. With the combination of negative item removal mixed with positive credit activities - you’ll see the improvements you need to move forward with your goals. Many factors affect your score together, so it’s best to tackle them one by one. While working to remove those negative items, your score will improve and allow the opportunity to qualify for small installment loans, credit cards, or even auto loans. Take SMART advantage of these opportunities, and make the commitment to yourself to be responsible and goal oriented.

Are you ready to start raising that score? Or even gain an understanding what your score is? Visit www.Credit Repair ProgramCredibilty.com or call 877-335-9043 to speak with a qualfied credit specialist.

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