The Anatomy of Dispute Letters

The Anatomy of Dispute Letters

There are several things you want to insure are included in every dispute letter you send.  Make sure every dispute letter contains the accurate spelling of your first and last name.  You should also include your social security number and current home address.

The credit bureaus won’t dispute unless they can verify the consumer who the dispute is for.  Their social security number is the main way the bureaus link your disputes to your credit report.  This means you must clearly identify yourself in your letter, with your social security number as well as your name and address.

The credit bureaus may also require you to supply supporting documentation verifying your identity.  They may want to see your Driver’s License and Social Security Card. 

If you do not have a driver’s license, you can include another legal form of ID.  Other forms of ID include a passport or state ID.  If you don’t have a Social Security card, provide another form of ID with your social security number on it.

In many cases you can use a pay-stub or W2 form which have both your name and social security number on them.

You should also include the account name and account number on the dispute letter.  List the creditor’s name and the account number you are reporting to the credit bureau.  Sometimes creditors report separate account numbers to each bureau.  Look at each account number for each credit bureau you are disputing.  Make sure you have that creditor’s account number correct on your dispute letter.

Include these items with your dispute to have the best results.  And remember, it’s the REASON for the dispute that the bureaus and their computers will mainly look at to process your disputes, so insure you are clear about your reason for the dispute. looks forward to helping you achieve your goals, and provide better opportunities for you and your family. Contact Us! We are standing by, ready to help!

Written By: Jim Rivette

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