The 5 SMART Steps To Become A Homeowner

The 5 SMART Steps To Become A Homeowner

Do you dream about owning your own home? That dream can become a reality, with the help of Credit Repair Program Credibility and these 5 SMART Steps.

Mortgage rates have remained low for a second year in a row; however, homeowners may still not be able to buy their dream homes. The economy has been a bit up and down, which has made it a difficult to do so. No one wants a repeat of 2008, leading to stricter checks and verification's. But there is a way…

Renting Is Passé

This holds true especially for today, because you have the necessary resources to move toward homeownership. With steady jobs, an economy that is recovering, and a property market that is ripe for the taking. All that is left is to follow the 5 SMART Steps, and you could own your dream house in no time.

The SMART Way To Own A House

We don’t suggest  blindly jumping into the property market. It’s important to understand what is needed and what you can do, to make the process smoother for you and your family. Use these 5 easy SMART steps to guide you:


  • S is for Specific (Your Budget)

Dreaming about your house is one thing. Finding one that fits your imagination is another. Try to be specific about the house  you want to own and your plan of how to get it: Whether it’s an apartment or a standalone structure with a backyard - make a clear, specific plan. It also helps to know where you want the house to be located; what is your ideal neighborhood?  This is where your budget comes in. Be specific about the money you will invest and the mortgage payments you can afford to make each month.

  • M is for Measurable (The Financial Numbers)

Know how much money you will need to have as a down payment and how much will the mortgage take up. Have your financial plan in place for what will be one of the biggest buying decisions of your life and a clear statement of how you’ll know this goal will be accomplished. What other steps need to be taken in order to reach the larger goal. Hmm… credit repair, perhaps?

  • A is for Attainable (The Amount You Can Afford)

Do you have the appropriate knowledge, information, and finances to attain your homeownership goals?  Set yourself up for success! When you have a clear financial blueprint where you know exactly the money you can invest and the amount needed for mortgage, you will know what you can and cannot afford. At the risk of sounding safe, it is better to stick with what you can comfortably afford, and it’s best to know that information before you start the home-buying process.

  • R is for Realistic (Prefer Property That Is Not Old)

Is your homeownership goal realistic for your situation? For example, many homeowners love the charm of older homes. That quaint villa may look like your dream come true, but hold your horses before you sign on the dotted line. Old homes may have character, but they can cost a lot in terms of maintenance. Try and invest in property that is not too old and already up to code.

Put a timeframe on your goal. When are you hoping to get the keys to your dream home? This is where most homebuyers can face a problem. They have their dream home within sight but are stuck renting because of  their poor credit scores. It’s important to keep a healthy credit score before you buy a home. Monitoring your financial score regularly, and paying your credit card bills on time play a big role. You don’t want to lose out on your dream home just because of a poor credit score.

Your Home Program can help you on your journey to homeownership, and is here to help relieve the burden of poor credit that may be standing in your way. Let us help you. Give us a call today! 877-335-9043

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