New York Cracks Down on Credit Repair Scams: Auto-Dealer Bites the Dust

New York Cracks Down on Credit Repair Scams: Auto-Dealer Bites the Dust

When purchasing a vehicle with Bad Credit, it’s best to follow the trusted motto, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Luckily, you’re not alone.

Consumers should be wary of credit repair scams and shady financial "professionals" who only seek to deceive and defraud their customers. Although the credit repair industry is evolving as a regulated and legitimized field of business, there are still crooks who exploit everyday consumers with hopes of credit and financial repair - only to widen their own bank accounts in the process.

As an indication of the continuing regulation of the credit repair industry, Hannah Lutz reports that the New York attorney general has targeted corrupt credit repair practitioners in a recent campaign to protect unsuspecting citizens.

Lutz writes, “in the latest actions, the attorney general’s office sued Koeppel Nissan, Koeppel Subaru, Koeppel Mazda and Koeppel Volkswagen in New York City, accusing the stores of unlawfully selling credit repair and identity theft protection to 1,426 consumers.”

It’s important to ensure that the people you trust with your finances are authorized professionals with a firm foot in the industry. Anyone can make the claim that they hold the knowledge of credit repair. Make sure you protect yourself and choose seasoned professionals with a clean track record.

Read more about the credit repair scandal here.

The best way to tackle your credit barriers is to contact a trusted professional in the industry. The keywords are, “in the industry.” Stick with someone who knows what they’re doing and will work hard to make sure your information is safe, secured, and successfully removed. Visit www.Credit Repair today or call 877-335-9043 and get started today!

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