Katy’s Story: Credit History & Job Denial

Katy’s Story: Credit History & Job Denial

After six months of unemployment, I was elated to have a job interview for an entry-level position at a local bank. As a single mother of a toddler girl, those past months had been so stressful. I was ready to start that day if they would’ve said yes.  I had similar work experience and even hold an associate’s degree. I met all of the qualifications, so I knew I had a decent chance. I practiced for hours in front of the mirror, rehearsing my answers and working on my eye contact. When the interview came,   I nailed it! The interviewer and I hit it off, and my hopes were high. I had all of the skills they were looking for - and then some. She even said I was her favorite candidate!

Before the interview wrapped up, she said something that made my heart sink. She would need to pull a copy of my credit report. Wait, what?

She said it so casually, with a smile. My palms instantly started sweating; my heart started racing, but I had to play it cool. I couldn’t let her see my discomfort.

Why was I so nervous?

I wasn’t prepared for that requirement whatsoever. I wasn’t applying for a loan or a credit card at the bank. I just wanted a job, an entry-level basic position. Why would she need my credit report? Why did that matter? What was on my credit report? I had no clue!  Talk about anxiety!  

I signed the dotted line, allowing their team to take a look at my report, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best.  She said I would have a call back within a day or so and was looking forward to working with me.

Sadly, that call never came. The next week, I received a letter in the mail letting me know I wasn’t chosen for the position due to items on my credit report. I didn’t even get a phone call - just a cold, heartless letter letting me know that all of my excitement and preparation was for nothing.  I was heartbroken .

Because I was denied, I was entitled to a copy of my report. I decided it was time to see the damage. It turns out, I was being tagged for bills that my mother had ran up in my name, a past-due credit card payment, and my student loans. How was I supposed to know my mother had used my name for those bills? How was that person’s mistake, my fault? Furthermore, the other items shouldn’t have been on my report at all! I had no idea what to do.

Sadly, the same scenario played itself out again with a position at Home Depot! My credit report followed me around like an anchor, weighing me down from moving up in the world with a job. It not only affected my ability to pay my bills, but my self-esteem was crushed. As a single mother, what could I do to provide for my daughter? What type of example was I setting for her?

I haven’t given up hope and plan on returning to school for my Bachelors degree - all the while working to recover the credit I’ve lost. It’s an uphill battle, but at least I’m not standing still.

Does Katy’s story sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of Americans have been turned down from employment because of their credit history. The cycle is vicious and can happen to anyone. Let the experts at www.Credit Repair ProgramCreditiblity.com provide you with a credit consultation and, hopefully, the solution you’ve been looking for. Give us a call at 877-335-9043.

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