Inspiring True Story: Over $50,000 Debt Free!

Inspiring True Story: Over $50,000 Debt Free! had the pleasure of interviewing  Samuel and Kirstie O’Banner, hearing their motivating story firsthand. Samuel and Kirstie gained public attention after their debt tackling story went viral. As they discuss in the video, they paid off more than  $50,000 in a little over a year - and they did it alone.

Due to their hopeful and positive message, which they delivered on Facebook, their social media posts were shared and liked by thousands of people at the start of the New Year. This overwhelming response demonstrates the widespread interest in the possibility of credit repair and/or debt-freedom.

Now 100%, completely debt-free, the O’Banners seek to help others on their path to financial freedom by sharing the knowledge and tactics  they used to succeed. It’s an inspiring message of hope for people who struggle with debt or any financial issues.

In addition to spreading the word about their ability to overcome debt, they have established a company called Fresh Start Financial Education. After watching the interview, be sure to check out their company!

Watch and hear the story of how they successfully paid down all of that debt - by themselves - in a little over year.

If the O’Banners  can do it, so can you! Not sure where to start? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Visit or call 877-335-9043 for a free consultation! 

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