Helping You Place Fraud Alerts on Your Report

Helping You Place Fraud Alerts on Your Report

Filing a fraud alert is fast and easy to do.  You can either call the credit bureaus or file a fraud alert online.  Below are the phone numbers and web addresses which you will need to file your complaint.

The fraud alert will instantly be placed on your report once filed, whether you are requesting the alert through phone or on the bureaus’ websites.  A statement will be added to your credit reports stating that you may be a victim of fraud and that creditors should take additional steps to protect your identity before extending credit.

Here is the contact information needed to file a fraud alert.

Equifax Fraud Department- 888-766-000


Experian Fraud Department- (888) EXPERIAN/ 888-397-3742


Trans Union Fraud Department- (800) 680-728


When a request is submitted online, the web page will ask for some basic information on who you are.  The form is pretty simple and easy to complete.  When you call in to request your alert you will also be asked similar questions.

Once the questions are complete a red flag will show on your report for this new fraud alert.  Any future creditor you  then apply with will see this alert and request additional identification to issue credit.

Fraud alerts are a great way to prevent identity theft.  They add another layer of protection to ensure your credit profile is protected.  And these alerts are fast and easy to have placed on credit reports. looks forward to helping you achieve your goals, and provide better opportunities for you and your family. Contact Us! We are standing by, ready to help!

Written By: Jim Rivette

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