Credit Scores Of Political Candidates Take Center Stage

Credit Scores Of Political Candidates Take Center Stage

When we, the average people, are required to reveal our credit score and financial report, should it be any different for those who run our government?

Whether buying a house, getting a job, or applying for a loan, our credit score is checked. Based on what is shown, we are thoroughly investigated. A positive score always makes it easy to get what you want. A negative score will make it a little bit harder.

When the credit score plays such an important role in our lives, shouldn’t it be the same for the candidates we vote to power? After all, they are elected by us.

A New Bill In Tennessee

Looks like the winds of change are slowly taking shape in the southern state of Tennessee. The constituents have decided it is about time the candidates are treated no differently from the rest. They have urged lawmakers in the state to make credit scores a mandatory disclosure for anyone running for government office. The result: State Rep. Cameron Sexton and State Sen. Paul Bailey have proposed a bill that seeks to do just that.

The reason behind the move is to gauge whether the candidates have the ability to manage state or local budgets. State Rep. Cameron Sexton explains further, “Before an election, candidates constantly say how they are going to balance the budget and make sure government lives within its means. How do voters verify whether the candidate means what they say? The only accurate answer is to know the person’s credit score.”

Charity Begins At Home

The underlying meaning is that a candidate who cannot manage his or her finances probably does not stand a chance of managing government spending. Think about it, would you vote for someone whose personal credit score is in the negative?

If the new bill does pass, it could spark a silent political change.  

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