4 Unexpected Ways Bad Credit is Killing your Relationships

4 Unexpected Ways Bad Credit is Killing your Relationships

Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows.”


This quote from  famous “genius” Ben Stein holds merit on many levels. It’s scientific agreement that humans are social creatures. We rely on one another from the day we are born, and most of us maintain personal relationships throughout our entire lives.  Having a strong support system can be the advantage needed to succeed; however, draining on that support system can often have the opposite affect on them and your relationships.


Unfortunately, many issues can arise throughout our adult lives that put a strain on these personal relationships, and in some cases, even sever the ties of what was once a seemingly eternal bond. Family relationships, marriages, and even long-lasting friendships have all ended for some of us - at times for reasons beyond our control. However, in most cases, we do have control. One key strain that causes far to many relationship failures is finances.


When you have bad credit, the affects can be a ripple in the pond of your life and cause strain on everyone around you. The stress and barriers involved with having bad credit and debt are real, powerful, and have sucked in even the most emotionally intelligent of us all. The stress associated with debt and credit woes has taken down far too many relationships. Are you wondering how that can happen?

Let’s Discuss the top 4 ways having Bad Credit can kill your relationships:

1. Stress:

When your finances are stressed, so are you. Pinching pennies and constantly wondering how to get through each month or even each week is tough. The fear of failure is constantly nipping at your heals and keeps you living on the edge. This “edgy” state of being puts stress on you, your family, and your friends. Your attitude toward life can change, you’re not as lively as you could be, and your outlook can become negative - who wants to be around that cold bowl of oatmeal? Not to mention the health risks associated with stress can cause even more negativity and possible financial woes.

  1. Co-Signers:

Asking a family member  or friend to cosign on a loan or financial agreement is the kiss of death to many strong bonds. When that person signs their name, they are essentially using their own finances to add to your low credibility. It can seem great for you, but it immediately causes them to lower their financial status. If something goes wrong, they can be stuck footing the bill entirely or dealing with the negative effects on their own credit report. They put added trust into your relationship and more often than not, it backfires. Trust is the basis of all relationships. Without that, there is no point moving forward.

  1. The Secrets:

Speaking of trust, nothing breaks that more than finding out a loved one was withholding information… information that affects both of their lives. While this most likely resonates with married couples, it’s definitely worth discussing. You may have entered into the relationship with or without your credit issues; however, when they marry you - they marry your bank account, debt, and negative scores. Whether it’s secret spending habits, lack of discussion about finances, or even just plain credit score ignorance - your spouse is involved. When they learn your dirty little secret, they can feel embarrassed, ashamed, and lied to. It may not be as damaging as a cheating scandal, but it’s sure darn close.

  1. The Distractions & Work:

When you’re credit is low and you want to move forward with life, perhaps buy a house or a car, it’s going to take time and dedication. Your spouse may be ready to go and subsequently feel held back by your lack of resources to move forward with them.If you’re just starting out a new romantic relationship, the issues can be awkward to discuss and can even cause some pretty nasty fights. This is the 21st century and the old school rules of dating are gone; equality is in. No one wants to feel like they’re the only contributor.  Friends may feel the pinch as they no longer can depend on you to be their “partner-in-crime” while you save money, and family may just get tired of telling you they told you so. Hopefully, your support network is strong and will stand by you no matter what, but if not… can you blame them?


All in all, growing financially takes time, dedication, patience, and constant movement toward your goals. If you feel like you’re oversharing the burden with your loved ones, fret not. There’s hope! The supportive folks at CreditRepairProgram.com are here to help! Call us at 877-335-9043 or visit CreditRepairProgram.com to start saving your financial life and your personal relationships!


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