Why So Many Individuals Needlessly Live With Bad Credit

Why So Many Individuals Needlessly Live With Bad Credit

Why do so many continue living with less than great credit, when it is now so easily within reach?

Thousands of individuals in America keep slugging away with poor credit, and less that great credit scores. It’s a tragedy. Life happens, and we learn from it. And now better credit is within reach. Yet, many haven’t yet reached out and seized on the opportunity to boost their credit scores, and begin living happier, more prosperous lives.

What’s a Good Credit Score Anyway?

Some just aren’t sure what a good credit score is. Certainly many took a hit and saw their credit scores bruised after the recent crises even though they had been doing very well financially.

The credit crisis meant that unless borrowers had a 700 or 720 plus credit score they had little hope of getting a home loan, or other forms of financing. This has softened a little, but the bar is still set high.

Money-Zine reports that at the end of October 2014 the average FICO score in the US was just 640. However, the median was 720. According to this metric Hawaii had the highest average at 661 versus Mississippi at just 615. In contrast Governing.com reports that as of 2011 Minnesotans had the highest Experian scores at an average of 718. The statistical map shows a clear divide between North and South, with the South suffering from far lower credit scores than the North. At the same time Texas’ average Experian score was just 667.

So what’s holding us back?

  1. Lack of Awareness

Many appear to be held back because they aren’t aware of credit repair services that can help them fix it. Some think their credit is just too bad, and can’t be fixed. The truth is that it can always get wise without positive action, but it can get a LOT better, a LOT faster than people think, if they’d take the help available to them.

  1. Failure to Prioritize

Others just don’t give credit repair the priority it needs. They are just trying to survive, or keep up with their hectic schedules. Unfortunately, most of this group are seriously underestimating the extreme cost of living with poor credit. Perhaps even more importantly they are underestimating just how much less they could be paying for everything with better credit, how much extra cash they could have left over at the end of the month, and how much less they’d have to work, and how much more time they could spend with their families or doing more of what they love most if they bumped up their credit profiles a little. This is urgent. Life isn’t going to stand still. In fact, it will only speed by you. And while you can get your good credit back, you can’t by more time.

  1. Hope it Will Take Care of Itself

Time can be a great healer, but it isn’t the answer for credit repair. Some negative items may have less of an impact, or even disappear in 2 or 10, or 15 years. However, creditors and collection companies can keep on trying to transfer and refile negative credit items, and they do. It’s far better to wipe them out legally now, and get a fresh start, started right away. Plus, often the issue is a lot about reestablishing new good credit, especially for entrepreneurs and business owners.

  1. Don’t Know Where to Turn

Of those that do recognize the need to fix credit, one of the major stumbling blocks in taking action is not being sure who to turn to for help and guidance. Who do you trust? Who can really help? Fortunately, this is all changing as the word spreads about Credit Repair Program. As more individuals experience rising credit scores and are living their fresh starts, they are telling others. That’s probably how you found this article. CreditRepairProgram.com Systems’ guarantee, and a team with decades of experience in fixing and rebuilding personal and business credit has changed lives, and has finally given individuals a partner they can turn to and rely on. Won’t you talk to an Credit Repair Program consultant and claim your future back today?

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