What Really Separates Hyper Successful Entrepreneurs From The Rest?

What Really Separates Hyper Successful Entrepreneurs From The Rest?

What do today’s top entrepreneurs and brands have that makes success come so easily?

Success, fame, and billion dollar IPOs seem to come so easy for some. In some cases others are sat there shaking their heads as inferior products and services claim all the limelight yet again. So what separates the top from the flop?

In the effort to produce filler content, and prop up flailing sales there have been many misconceptions floated about what it takes to be successful on the internet.

You don’t necessarily have to be a skilled phone or face-to-face salesperson. You don’t even have to have a mobile app. And you don’t have to live on Ramen, out of your car in a Silicon Valley parking lot.

So what do you need?


Bootstrapping might sound exciting and noble, but in reality it takes money to start and run a business. More businesses and startups go under because they just don’t have enough cash to survive than anything else. Remember that a venture that doesn’t have money is just a hobby.


As much as you might hate it; the truth is that winning is still very much about who you know, and who knows you. You can still launch and grow a very successful business without having gone to an Ivy league school, or living in a hot startup hub like San Francisco, Austin, or NYC. But you do have to gain and growth connections and relationships.


A recent beat down on reality TV show Shark Tank saw one of the VCs laughing a pitching entrepreneur off stage; telling him that he had already forgotten the guy’s name. The panelists’ all stood firm that it really doesn’t matter what you’ve got if you don’t have a reputation and credibility. That’s why Shark Tank exists and VCs keep on getting rich. Once they attach their names to something they instantly add value, and can essentially raise limitless investment capital from others to buy it.

What to do…

As we see every day; it doesn’t really matter how good or bad your product or service is if you have these things. In the reverse; you can have the best product and service ever in history, and no one may ever get the chance to find out about it, if you don’t have the above.

Of course, you should strive to make it the best, and to be fastest to market, but if you want to ensure a win and hit your full potential – you must get access to capital, build connections, and take developing business credibility seriously.

The great news is that you are now just a couple of clicks from more of all the things you want and need more of.

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