The National Credit Score Is On The Rise … Is Yours?

The National Credit Score Is On The Rise … Is Yours?

Looks like 2016 has already begun on a positive note for many folks out there. Especially those who keep a keen eye on their financial reports and credit statements. Fair Isaac Corporation, creators of the FICO score, have reported that the national average credit score is at its highest in the past decade – 695! The news gets even better with the agency reporting that nearly 20% of  consumers have scores that exceed 800. Time to pop open the champagne? Perhaps, but wait…

Effects Of The Recession Recedes
The boost in the nationwide FICO score is not a freak occurrence nor is it an overnight sensation. In the past decade, credit scores have suffered as people battled the recession. With the American and global economy in much better shape, the credit score is reaping the benefit. Ethan Dornhelm, a principal scientist in FICO’s analytic development group, explains, “Older, well-managed accounts help increase scores, and negative information — like accounts that are sent to collection — typically starts dropping off credit reports after seven years. So the impact of delinquencies that weighed on scores during the recession is most likely starting to recede.”

It may sound all good; but, there is a thorn in the rose bush. Mr. Dornhelm contends that fewer people now have scores below 550, which may be a result of some consumers dropping out of the traditional credit market. In other words, they have no valid FICO score.

What’s Your Credit Score?
As they say, make hay while the sun shines. If you’ve been battling poor credit scores then this is the golden opportunity to wipe out bad credit and start fresh with a positive score. Credit Repair Program Credibility will enable you to achieve an outstanding credit score in three easy steps:

The first step is knowing your FICO score. We’ll help you understand the nitty-gritty of your financial report and explain why your score may be lower than expected. Unpaid credit card bills are one of the major reasons why credit scores drop. Don’t worry about the overwhelming details on the report! We’ll simplify the information and present it in a way that's easy to understand. Call Credit Repair Program Today For A Credit Consultation! 877-335-9043

2. Repair
The financial experts at Credit Repair Program Credibility will sift through your credit report and pick out items that can be challenged and removed. Once these contestable items are removed, your score will improve.

3. Maintenance
Repairing your score is just the beginning of the process. Did you know that even a great credit score can start to lose points with lack of maintenance?  Once your score moves in a positive direction, we’ll  help keep it there by suggesting sound financial strategies that you can apply.

Don’t Leave Your Credit Score Behind
The whole nation is on the upswing with their FICO scores. It’s about time you joined in the celebration as well!  Credit Repair Program Credibility can make it happen for you.

Contact us today and let’s get started! Visit or call 877-335-9043

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