How To Rebuild Credit After Foreclosure

How To Rebuild Credit After Foreclosure

How can individuals best recover, and rebuild their credit after foreclosure, bankruptcy, or just going through a really rough patch financially?

The credit and housing crises have wreaked havoc on the nation’s credit. Foreclosure, bankruptcy, and even the devastation of short sales, has trashed individual’s credit scores and marred their histories of good credit.

The devastating fallout isn’t just about having a bad credit score, or not being able to get the lease on the latest BMW. It’s far more harmful and personal.

Poor credit is leaving Americans ransom to landlords that are raising rents at record rates, and is robbing them of the benefits of homeownership for their families and children. Many aren’t just being prevented from buying homes or new cars, but appliances, and making ends meet at the end of the month. With jobs still weak, those out of work are having a hard time starting or growing their own businesses without access to business credit, while others are passed on for promotion, have their jobs threatened, and can’t even get a job due to poor credit ratings. Poor credit scores just make everything more expensive.

Some even feel they are being priced out of living.

Thankfully it doesn’t have to stay this way. There is hope, and help to be found.

How do I fix my credit?

Credit repair starts with getting an accurate picture of where you are at now.

Most don’t really know what is on their credit report. For some it may be worse than they realize due to false negative items. For others their credit may be better than they realize.

The next step is fixing and removing bad credit items.

Regardless of whether you have simply skipped a few mortgage payments, or have been through a short sale or bankruptcy what is often most important is reestablishing new good credit. This means obtaining new credit lines, and growing credit limits. This might sound difficult now, but it doesn’t have to be with a little expert guidance.

Whatever your situation an Personal Credit Consultant can help you map your way from where you are now to great credit and a better life again.

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