Credit Repair Services For FL Home Buyers

Credit Repair Services For FL Home Buyers

Where can FL home buyers find help with credit repair to speed them towards purchasing the homes they want, for less, faster?

Credit and access to mortgages continues to hold back many hopeful FL home buyers from taking advantage of the many benefits of homeownership, purchasing the homes they really love, and getting the best deals on them. So where are the FL credit repair services to help those with less than perfect credit, how much difference can a better credit score really make?

The Credit Crisis & Big Benefits of Credit Repair

Very few Floridians have come through the recent crises with their credit intact.

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This isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Even the fed chairman Ben Bernanke couldn’t get a home loan recently. But that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with bad credit.

For many credit repair is absolutely vital for being able to buy a home and getting a mortgage. Better credit means lower down payment requirements and access to better loan terms. Even those that can get some form of loan, or who can qualify for 100% financing right now, credit repair can make a world of difference in better interest rates, lower monthly housing payments, and more.

A recent example from Keller Williams’ Zito Realty Group shows the difference in just 2 points higher in interest rate, and the impact of just waiting it out, versus leveraging credit repair services and buying a home while rates and prices are low. The net difference can mean paying more than $360 more per month, and over $110,000 more on a home in the $200k price range!

This is on top of the advantages of being able to start building wealth and stacking up more home equity sooner.

FL Credit Repair Services

So where can FL home buyers get help to fix credit, and where can mortgage brokers and Realtors refer their clients for credit repair in order to get them in the game, and add more value to their services?

FL based credit repair company offers individuals a personal credit consultant as a guide to repairing bruised credit, improving scores and expanding tradelines to qualify for better home loans.

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