The BIGGEST Credit Myths

The media, newspapers, internet are full of information, but sadly, much of the information concerning credit is inaccurate. Let’s check out some common credit myths: Credit Myth: “The credit bureaus are government agencies.”  Sadly and completely false.  Credit bureaus are for profit companies.  They collect data to sell to lenders and...
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The Anatomy of Dispute Letters

There are several things you want to insure are included in every dispute letter you send.  Make sure every dispute letter contains the accurate spelling of your first and last name.  You should also include your social security number and current home address. The credit bureaus won’t dispute unless they can verify...
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Synthetic ID Theft

A special type of ID theft exists called "Synthetic ID Theft" that takes advantage of the bureau’s matching system that is used to associate data with the individual consumer. With synthetic ID theft a thief mixes fake information with real or partially real information from an unsuspecting victim. This often results in...
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