George Orwell Was Right!

George Orwell Was Right!

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”
― George Orwell, 1984

In case you've been living under a rock the age of big data and everyone being a number happened long ago. The new era of government eavesdropping is upon us and as data becomes more and more aggregated it's going to become more and more important to own your information. A key battle in the 21st Century is going to be public, private and third party control of information. Who owns it, who controls it and how can this be leveraged to keep your credibility and reputation in line with reality are going to be the key questions and well as who's interest sets are going to be represented and who is going to control the conversations surrounding information as it happens...

What's at stake? Your reputation, your credibility, your future.


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