My name is Elizabeth Warner I'm 26 years old and I live in Orange, TX.
The reason I started fixing my credit is to better my life, so we could get a place and call it my own. I want a reliable car that's not constantly breaking down on me, and to help my son when he gets older, if he needs a co-signer for the car or a house. Plus, in this world, anything you try to do or get, you have to have good credit.

Elizabeth Warner,

Meet Cheryl Gordon from Orange City, Florida. She’s your average all american citizen with high hopes to own her own home. Like most of us struggling to get ahead these days, Cheryl is tired of renting and eager to move forward toward her goals. She’s determined to get those new house keys by April of 2016.

She knew this was a tight deadline, so she reached out to Credit Repair Program for help removing inaccurate items on her Credit Report that were weighing down her score. Since joining forces with Credit Repair Program, 4 months ago, she has seen her score rise to a 610, with a 60 percent deletion rate on TransUnion! She is excited to see such positive results in such little amount of time and to see how close she is to qualifying for a mortgage.

Do you see yourself in Cheryl’s story? Chances are, you are just as close as Cheryl to getting into that home, buying that car, or letting go of bad debt. If she can do it, so can you!

Call Credit Repair Program today and speak with a qualified representative to see how you can be like Cheryl, and hundreds of other satisfied customers, who have taken the next steps to accomplish their dreams! Dial (800) 994-4743 or visit www.CreditRepairProgram.com

"Credit Repair Program helped me in a huge way. After Disputing my credit reports for 5 months, they removed a ton of old inaccurate medical debts and issues that were not mine. Today I stand in my new home and it would have never happened without their help. Thank you Credit Repair Program for helping me get a better piece of the pie."

Latrisha Matson,