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Why Is Fixing My Credit So Important?

Even for those with no intention of borrowing money, or needing access to additional funds for emergencies, maintaining credit is a crucial part of life today. Many vendors will only accept credit card payments, or will penalize users with high deposits. Prepaid cards are normally not an acceptable alternative for rental cars, hotels, flights, and other major uses. Lackluster credit also means paying more for everything when you do want credit. This applies to car loans, insurance, utilities, renting an apartment or buying a home, or even getting a new washing machine. Unattractive credit can even prevent bank accounts from being opened or getting a job or promotion.

How Can You Fix My Credit?

Credit Repair Program has a proprietary credit restoration system which uses the law and Fair Credit Reporting regulations to repair and restore the credit of individuals.

What Types Of Results Should I Expect To See?

Each client we work with is unique. We’d be happy to provide indicative results we have achieved for others, and you can always check out some of our testimonials from other clients. However, each client’s plan is unique, and is tailored to their personal circumstances and goals.

How Fast Does This Work?

Each case is unique, and every client’s scenario is different. Credit Repair Program has a very rigorous system and tight deadlines for taking action and pursuing results. Many negative items can be removed very quickly, others may take several months to process. Still, maintaining and building great credit is an ongoing process.

How Much Do Your Credit Repair Services Cost?

The investment for Credit Repair Program is a one-time set up fee of $299, which includes your first month of service, and then $199 per month thereafter. Services may be canceled at any time, and a full refund is guaranteed if no disputed items were removed from your credit report.

Are There Any Guarantees? What If I Don’t See Any Improvement?

Credit Repair Program offers a 100% money back refund in the rare case a client hasn’t seen results. See full details in our refund policy agreement.

Is It Possible For Me To Obtain A Loan While You Are Helping Me?

During credit repair and restoration phases it is important for clients not to sabotage their own reports. We do help build credit, and for businesses this may include acquiring new credit lines. However, always be sure to speak with your Credit Repair Program adviser before having your credit reports pulled by other parties or applying for new credit during the process.

Can I Cancel If I Change My Mind?

Yes. There are no contracts. You may cancel at any time.

How Do I Know If You Are Actually Making Progress In Helping Me?

Credit Repair Program clients get their own secure access to their accounts online. That means 24/7 access to educational information, credit reports, and updates, as well as a secure platform for asking questions.

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