Monthly Archives: December 2015

Higher Scores = Savings on Mortgages

From grade point averages in school to sports statistics, numbers let others judge our ability and value. The same is true if you’ve ever applied for a credit card or a loan. Banks calculate how much debt they think you can handle based on your income and prior credit history. Low numbers are...
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They Want to Loan You Money

It’s an obvious conclusion. Mark filled up the gas tank and washed the car when he borrowed it. John spilled his Big Gulp on the seat, scratched the paint, and lost the keys. Who are you going to lend the car to the next time? John’s a fun guy, always making you laugh. Maybe he just...
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What is Rapid Rescoring?

Rapid rescoring originated in the mortgage industry because they were losing so many clients due to credit problems. Rapid rescoring is not offered by the big three credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Instead, it is offered by the smaller credit resellers that serve as middleman between the bureaus and lenders. Rapid...
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