Monthly Archives: August 2015

Helping You Place Fraud Alerts on Your Report

Filing a fraud alert is fast and easy to do.  You can either call the credit bureaus or file a fraud alert online.  Below are the phone numbers and web addresses which you will need to file your complaint. The fraud alert will instantly be placed on your report once filed, whether...
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Healthy Mix of Credit Accounts for 10%

Your credit score takes into account the “mix” of credit items you have  on your report.  This part of the credit score is affected by what kinds of accounts you have and how many of each.  The bureaus will score you higher if you have an open mortgage, 3 credit cards, 1...
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Free Credit Reports

Millions of consumers each year pay for credit monitoring access.  And some of the most common monitoring services are even actually owned by the credit bureaus themselves.  Even though these services do typically offer a 30 day trial, monitoring costs after that can cost $50 or more in some cases. You will...
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