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Credit Limit Not Reporting

Utilization of credit accounts for 30% of your credit score. This is a substantial factor in the FICO model, utilization is calculated by dividing your current balance by the credit limit, example $500 balance on a credit card that has a $1000 limit: $500 / $1000 = 50 % Utilization Percentage Read more

Charge-Off Date Fraud

As a derogatory account ages, the effect on a credit score diminishes. The date of last activity is a commonly abused area of credit reporting, this is referred to as “Charge-Off Date Fraud”. Collection agencies will often report the date that they purchased the account as the date the account was last active....
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Cease & Desist

You may be harassed by aggressive collection companies, and you are not alone in this harassment. In some cases these companies call daily, or even call you many times during the day in an attempt to collect on a debt. What you may not know is that you can easily stop these calls by...
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Bad Credit Ruins Lives

  Bad credit ruins lives.  The difference between living life and struggling to survive is based completely on credit quality.  Let’s look at a car as a simple example.  Most people in today’s society need a vehicle to get around. A $20,000 car loan with good credit will cost approximately $322 monthly.  This...
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