Monthly Archives: March 2015

16 Things You’ll Always Pay More For, Until You Fix Your Credit

Those with great credit keep getting wealthier and enjoy more of the lifestyle they really crave. Life is terribly expensive when you have less than great credit. When you’ve got low credit scores and negative items on your credit report you almost can’t help falling further and further behind financially. It makes it harder to...
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Credit Repair Services For FL Home Buyers

Where can FL home buyers find help with credit repair to speed them towards purchasing the homes they want, for less, faster? Credit and access to mortgages continues to hold back many hopeful FL home buyers from taking advantage of the many benefits of homeownership, purchasing the homes they really love, and getting the best deals...
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How To Rebuild Credit After Foreclosure

How can individuals best recover, and rebuild their credit after foreclosure, bankruptcy, or just going through a really rough patch financially? The credit and housing crises have wreaked havoc on the nation’s credit. Foreclosure, bankruptcy, and even the devastation of short sales, has trashed individual’s credit scores and marred their histories of good credit. The devastating fallout...
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